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Couples Massage – Reignite The Flame

If you have been going on dinner dates in a row, maybe take a detour and try something different for the special night. Yes, dinner dates are fun, but the conversations dissolve, and after an hour or so, the magical night ends.

It’s time to spice up your date nights, and what’s better than a couples massage? Sometimes all you and your partner needs is a double treatment to a couples massage. It’s the best way to bond and reconnect with each other.

Why Is Couples Massage The Best Way to Bond with Your Partner?

If you think your date nights are getting boring and you’re out of ideas to spice up your relationship, couples massage is always the right answer.

The healthy and positive effects of a couples massage will have lasting impacts on your mind and body. You’ll find that your conversations are more stimulating and your relationship more intimate.

A couples massage allows you and your partner to relax together. It’s like talking without having to use words. You share an experience that brings you closer and also improves your wellbeing.

Some Couples Massage Etiquettes You Should Know

Clothing etiquettes vary depending on the type of couples massage you receive. It’s better to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes.
Remove additional clothing and jewelry before your session.

Asian Massage 2 Hotel Brings Couples Massage to Your Hotel Room

Based in Las Vegas, The City of Sin, we offer in room couples massage services. At Asian Massage 2 Hotels, we take pride in providing authentic Asian massage services to couples that include Japanese Nuru massage as well.

We employ masseuses from Asian countries known for their traditional massage techniques. All of our massage therapists have undergone extensive training. It makes our couples massage services dependable and effective.

We take pride in being the go-to outcall massage service for both residents and tourists in Las Vegas.

How Can Our Couples Massage
Service Help You and Your Partner?

You can get an evening massage to end your date night on a good note. By scheduling an in room couples massage with
Asian Massage 2 Hotels, you can expect the following benefits:

Quality Time with Your Beau

Nothing is more intimate than sharing quality time with your significant other. It can be hard to spend some time together on weekdays thanks to busy schedules. Work can interrupt your dinner dates as well.

A couples massage session can put a pause on all the worries of the world so you both can relax in each other’s company as our experienced masseuses work their magic. You can get your vacay mood on.

Feel More Affection For Each Other

Do you know massage releases feel-good hormones that boost your mood? Once you’re in a good mood, you’ll feel more open to communicating with each other. That’s the power of touch. It stimulates happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, making you more affectionate towards each other.

A Bonding Experience

Couples massage sessions with Asian Massage 2 Hotels will put a novelty to your relationship. It’ll help you reconnect as a couple since you’ll try something new together. This bonding experience can go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

Don’t Forget the Mental and Physical Health Benefits!

Besides feeling closer to your partner, any Asian massage session improves your overall wellbeing. It reduces oxytocin levels – a stress-causing hormone. So a couples massage session offers the best of both worlds.

Schedule 24 hour couples massage session in Las Vegas today! Asian Massage 2 Hotels promises prompt, luxurious, comfortable, and reliable massage services in Las Vegas. Reach out to us today!