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Asian Deep Tissue Massage in Las Vegas

Do you ever pull a muscle while working out or encounter a strain during sports? The pain can be blinding, but it is easy to treat.

Luckily, you can treat muscle strain and pain with deep tissue massage. This massage technique specifically treats musculoskeletal pain, including sports injuries.

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Why is Deep Tissue Massage Used to Treat Muscle Strain and Injury?

Massage therapists specializing in deep tissue massage use a sustained pressure technique. They apply pressure using deep but slow strokes to target the inner layers of connective tissues and muscles.

It helps break any tissue scar that forms after a sprain or injury. Deep tissue massage reduces tissue and muscle tension in the body following trauma.

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Deep tissue massage offers the best of both worlds—physical and psychological—by treating strains, sprains, injuries, and any mental health concerns arising from these physical issues. We call it a “deep tissue massage” because it involves deeper strokes than a regular rubdown, so much so that the motions penetrate your muscles and connective tissues.

The technique also boasts the properties of a standard massage, reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation to ease tension in the muscles and bones. Unlike other massages, relaxation is not the primary goal of a deep tissue massage in Las Vegas.

Massage therapists may use their palms, fingers, elbows, and forearms to apply pressure to your pain or injury points to achieve the above goals. When the clock strikes the 60th minute, you may experience more than an improved blood pressure reading.

Customers who have availed our deep tissue massage in Las Vegas have reported the following:

  • While heavy-duty painkillers failed, the deep tissue massage helped with their chronic back pain.
  • The massage lowered their stress levels and eased muscle tension; the two are the quintessential ingredients for inflammation.
  • The session made them a happier and more socially interactive version of themselves.
  • Regular deep tissue massage helped break up scar tissue much faster and aided muscle recovery.

Do you have a sports injury or chronic pain? Get a deep tissue massage in your Las Vegas hotel room to accelerate recovery and ease the discomfort for a good night’s sleep. Call now.

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What Should You Expect During The Session?

Before scheduling a deep tissue massage session, you should inform your therapist about the problem areas. It can be a full body massage or focus on one part of your body.

Your massage therapist will ask you to lie flat on your back or stomach after you’re ready. You can undress depending on the level of your comfort. However, the area being massaged will be exposed.

Therapists warm up the muscles with lighter touch before working on the problem areas. They use stroking and kneading with different levels of pressure.

Does Deep Tissue Massage Have Side Effects?

A little soreness is common with any type of massage technique. You may feel lingering soreness following a deep tissue massage session for a few days. You can use a cold or heating pad to relieve the sore muscles.

Deep tissue massage can cause slight pain or discomfort in the troubling areas, but it’s normal. The nature of hurt is bearable, but you can always ask your therapist to reduce the pressure if it’s hurting too much.

The firm pressure may not be safe for everyone, but you can consult your doctor if you:

  • Take blood thinners
  • Have a history of a clotting disorder or blood clots
  • Are undergoing cancer treatment
  • Have bleeding disorders
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Who Should Get Deep Tissue Massage?

People who are physically active such as heavyweight lifters, runners and athletes, should get deep tissue massage. Similarly, those with chronic pain or injury can also receive regular deep tissue massages to manage pain.

However, this massage technique isn’t suited for those with low pain tolerance. It’s better to opt for a gentle massage alternative, such as an Asian massage.

Get OutcallDeep Tissue Massage in Las Vegas!

Imagine having to sit through a rush hour and long wait line at a massage spa while you’re already suffering from a throbbing pain.

Instead of having to suffer from punishing muscle pain, you can have a peaceful massage atmosphere in your room. An outcall massage service is a better option so that you can reap the full benefits of a deep tissue massage in the comfort of your room.

So say goodbye to long waiting lines, traveling to and from a massage spa and traffic jams. It’s time to bring luxury massage spa treatment to your hotel room.

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