4 Luxury Outcall Massages for Some TLC

A woman getting a massage at home

Massages are incredibly relaxing, but the results can last longer if you book an outcall massage.

If you’ve been going to a massage spa to get massage therapy, you know how the effect wears down quickly when you leave the spa. You can maximize the after-effects of your massage with an in room session where a massage therapist comes to your place.

That’s the whole point of an outcall massage session!

Asian Massage 2 Hotels offers various outcall massages in Las Vegas, where we send a masseuse to your hotel room. Let’s look at some of the outcall massages we offer.

1. Full Body Massage

As the name suggests, a full body massage caters to the whole body. It’s a therapeutic experience lasting 50 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs. The therapist tends to the major areas of concern, including the neck, back, hands, shoulders, arms, legs and feet.

Soft music, a scented room and low lights with expert hand movement can leave you in a state of complete bliss. Our Asian massage therapists are trained to shed all the stress and tension off your muscles.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

Our specialty massage service, deep tissue massage, is a Swedish massage with deeper strokes to tend to deeper layers of tissues. The massage therapist uses slow strokes and firm pressure to target deep layers of fascia and muscles.

You’ll see the result after one session. If you’re physically active or in sports, this massage service is a must to relieve some tension from your sore muscles.

3. Nuru Massage

This massage technique first originated in Japan. Nuru massage is body-to-body massage therapy. Nuru, translated into slippery, is perfect for partners looking to destress together. It’s a couples’ retreat.

4. Four Hands Massage

Four hands massage involves two massage therapists tending to your body’s needs. Some days require extra love and care, and this massage is perfect. Our trained therapists will use firm strokes to target any muscle soreness and improve blood flow across your body.

Book Luxury 24 Hours Massage in Las Vegas

If you’re looking to book a luxury outcall massage in Las Vegas, you’re at the right place. Asian Massage 2 Hotels is an Asian massage service that brings luxury massage spas and Asian massage therapists to your doorstep.

A massage therapist tending to a client’s back

Whether you’re visiting Las Vegas and looking to decompress or simply want an in-room massage service to destress, our Asian therapist will be there to help. Call us today to book an outcall massage session.


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