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If you don’t want to go out for a Chinese massage, we can bring the massage parlor to your hotel room in Las Vegas. Just imagine being at your leisure in a comfortable setting and inviting an outcall massage therapist over to your humble lodgings for an equally leisurely rubdown of your body, with soft music playing the background like the soothing tunes played inside an aircraft before takeoff.

Oh, and what a pleasurable takeoff that’ll be as long as you follow this etiquette.

Find Solace in Silence

There’s no such thing as an uncomfortable silence during an outcall massage. Don’t feel the need to make phatic conversation or fill the silence with dad jokes. Flirtation might be a natural part of an outcall Chinese massage, but your therapist would be just as comfortable remaining silent and only making conversation when necessary.

4-hand massage

Be Your Best Self

The person giving you the Chinese massage is just as deserving of your respect as every other woman. An Asian outcall massage is perfectly legal in Las Vegas, and you must always treat the fairer sex with the utmost respect. Our massage therapists are perfectly equipped to deal with uncomfortable and demanding clients, but they have no reason to put up with an unreasonable, aggressive, rude, or violent client. Be gentle and kind to your Asian outcall massage therapist just because you can, not just because they would give you the rubdown of a lifetime.

‘To Those Who Wait

Patience is a virtue, and in the case of outcall massages, it may even be a virtue that comes with the best experience of your life. So wait and let your masseuse build your pleasure slowly and gradually until your euphoria has taken over.

Therapist and Client
Massuse hand on a client

Let Go of Your Inhibitions

Being at ease is the whole point of an Asian outcall massage. So, shed your inhibitions with your clothes and be at ease and relax. A stiff body can’t enjoy a massage.

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