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Asian 4 Hands Massage in Las Vegas

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Asian massage has therapeutic effects on emotional, physical and mental health. One massage therapist uses the healing power of touch to work magic on your body but why stick to one therapist when you can opt for two massage therapists?

Now you can do that with our 4 Hands Massage Service. Asian Massage 2 Hotels proudly offers 4 hands massage service where two of our Asian-origin and exceptionally-trained masseuses tend to your body’s needs.

4 Hands Massage

What Does 4 Hands Massage Service Mean?

Four hand massage services includes two massage therapists or masseuses working with one client. They’re trained to practice technical massage movements in complete sync and apply the same pace and pressures on each side to assure balanced and increased muscle and mental relaxation.

This massage therapy will put your entire body at ease. The more your muscles relax, the more pliable and receptive your body becomes. That’s why more people fall asleep during a four hands massage because it reduces muscle tension faster.

Our 4 hands massage service lets you experience full body massage at the same time. We employ professionals from Asian countries, including Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. All of them are trained to provide full body Asian massage to meet your body needs. They’ll treat your body as a canvas on which they use methodic, detailed, rhythmic and slow hand movement depending on your tolerance threshold.

The Ultimate 4 Hands Massage in Las Vegas

A 4 hands massage is one of the most sought-after services at Asian Massage 2 Hotels, and for good reason. It involves not one but two massage therapists moving their hands over your extremities and pain points in synchronized motions. The experience is akin to getting two full-body massages simultaneously.

The four-hand massage is two parts technique and one part choreography, that is, if the choreography involves hands and nothing else. Massage therapists who know what they are doing treat clients as a stage upon which they can apply various pressures and paces. The real challenge comes when they must synchronize these motions for maximum relaxation.

Synchronization, or lack thereof, is why only a few spas in Las Vegas offer 4 hands massage. We not only provide this service, but we also offer it through Asian massage therapists who apply authentic techniques to address their clients’ physical and mental health concerns.

Speaking of health concerns, a four-hand massage in Las Vegas offers the following benefits:

  • It mixes deep tissue massage, among other techniques, to address short- and long-term muscle pain.
  • It improves blood circulation to injury points, speeding up the body’s natural healing process.
  • It is painless, fun, and relaxing.

We add to the fun and relaxation of a 4 hands massage in Las Vegas by making it an outcall service. Now, you don’t have to travel to a spa to get a massage.

Dial 725-696-6669 as soon as you check into your hotel room, and we’ll send two of our best therapists to give you the world’s most sublime four-hand massage.

Ada - Chinese

Why Get A

4 Hands Massage Service?

When two of our therapists use the magic of their hands, it hits your mind and body differently.

4 hands massage therapy lets you slow down and take a break from the world’s worries. You don’t have to keep up with the pace of your therapists. Let them focus on different pressure points to unblock knots around your body.

Our 4 hands massage service is a powerful therapy treatment that teaches you the art of letting go. Once the treatment starts, your mind will give up control so you can calm down and relax.

Why Choose Asian Massage 2 Hotels for 4 Hands Massage?

Asian Massage 2 Hotels is an Asian massage service that takes pride in providing authentic Asian massage services. Our therapists are trained to give you the taste of true Asian 4 hands massage.

We cater to the needs of both residents and tourists visiting the Neon Capital of the World a.k.a. Las Vegas. We extend our 4 hands massage service to hotels, resorts, inns and everything in between.

You can book our 4 hands massage service any time of the day because we’re open 24/7 to tend to your needs. Our massage therapists will reach your hotel room in as early as 20 minutes to offer a professional and luxury massage experience.

4 Hands Massage
4 Hands Massage

What Benefits Can You Expect From 4 Hands Massage?

If you schedule our 4 hands massage service, you can expect the following benefits:

  • The synchronous muscle movement of both therapists realigns your muscles and joints to improve flexibility or recovery.
  • As the brain can’t keep up with the synchronized hand movements of both therapists, it puts the mind in a deeper state of relaxation to relieve stress.
  • The continuous hand movements improve blood flow across the body to relieve knots and deliver more nutrients and oxygen to each limb.

Book 24 Hours 4 Hands Massage Service in Las Vegas Any Time of the Day!

If you’re in Las Vegas, ready to experience an outcall 4 hands massage service in your hotel room, book a four hands massage service with Asian Massage 2 Hotels. We offer 24/7 prompt and professional in room Asian massage service.

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