The Importance of Massage Atmosphere

A woman getting a back massage in a dimly-lit room

You bring all the built-up stress when you walk into a massage parlor. You want to de-stress immediately. All the more reason to begin the relaxation process before you even get on that massage chair or table.

Thus, massage atmosphere plays an equally important role in relieving stress. At Asian Massage 2 Hotels, we ensure the outcall massage atmosphere is relaxing, from lighting to music as well as temperature to scent.

Different Aspects of Massage Atmosphere

We’ve outlined some of the key mood-influencing elements of the massage atmosphere for you:

The Lighting

The lighting is usually kept low and minimal unless you want it brighter. Lighting impacts how our body reacts to different types of touch throughout the massage. Poor lighting can affect your mood, whereas a carefully-lit room can relax you.

Lighting tells our brain that we’re in a comfy setting which allows us to relax. Low lighting, therefore, will let your muscles relax. Some therapists use votive candles, whereas others use small lamps or dim lights.

The Scent

Scent can alter the mood, just like lighting. Smell is our powerful sense that helps treat amnesia to trigger memories. Thus, scent can put your mind at peace or trigger unhappy memories.

Massage therapists often spray a mist or blend diffusers with scented oils to make the room cozy. You can inform them before the massage if you’re sensitive to a smell.

On To the Music

One of the things you’ll notice at a massage parlor is music. It plays a key role in triggering emotions and stimulating our state of mind.

Music works the same way during a massage session. Meditative or instrumental music helps relax your mind and body. This makes it easier for your therapist to tend to your deep tissues. You can always ask your therapist to turn down the volume or music altogether if you don’t like it.

Room Temperature

Temperature is key to the way our body works. A study shows that lower temperatures can make our bodies less productive and distracted. Your therapist wouldn’t want your mind to wander because it causes muscle tension. Most massage parlors have a warmer temperature to relax the body.

A masseuse giving back massage to a client

Each of these four elements impacts our mind and body during a massage session. At Asian Massage 2 Hotel, we create an ideal massage setting to put your mind and body at ease. But that’s not it! We bring our massage services to your hotel in LA. Book an Asian outcall massage in Las Vegas today.


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