Deep Tissue Massages: What to Expect?

A therapist proving deep tissue back massage

Deep tissue massage is the ultimate therapy tool to treat chronic pain and aches. Massage therapists tend to tighten areas around muscles and fascia with concentrated pressure.

Deep tissue massage relieves knots, adhesion and restrictions around the joints. Thus, it’s suitable for someone with a moderate tolerance level for pain. You can book a deep tissue outcall massage in Las Vegas with Asian Massage 2 Hotels. No need to travel to and from a massage spa!

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

If you or someone you know has experienced a tissue injury, they can expedite the recovery process with a deep tissue massage. It releases joint restriction to relieve pain. Here are some of the research-backed benefits of a deep tissue massage:

  1. It relieves chronic aches and lower back pain.
  2. It improves mobility by stretching muscles.
  3. It reduces the perception of pain.
  4. It lowers heart rate and blood pressure.
  5. It reduces ankylosing spondylitis pain.
  6. And it relieves plantar fasciitis inflammation.

What Happens During A Deep Tissue Massage?

Therapists have own style that’s also tailored to each client’s needs but most therapists will start with it’s one of the places that need a lot of care and attention. People come with back ache complaints.

Later, the therapist tends to legs, shoulders and arms and finally finishes the session with head and neck massage. The reason to end a deep tissue massage at head and neck is because the nerve endings in the scalp induce relaxation.

A professional therapist first cover the broader regions to start the session gently. Later, they focus on specific pain points and regions to better cater to each client’s needs.

Deep tissue massage is known to cause certain discomfort so people should expect some level of pain. A gentle massage won’t unknot muscles unlike a deep tissue massage. Typically, it depends on the tolerance level of a person. You can, however, request to tame down the pressure and depth of the massage.

The key is to maintain breathing. If you’re unable to do that because you tense up your body under pain, always let your therapist know. Extreme discomfort and too much pressure aren’t normal as it defeats the whole purpose of a massage.

 A person getting a deep tissue outcall massage

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