What Happens To Your Body During a Massage?

A woman getting a full-body massage

Have you been feeling like your emotions are all over the place lately? Then you’re not alone. Your work, social and personal life can take a toll on you.

But a good massage session with an Asian massage therapist can de-stress. Book an in-room Asian massage in Las Vegas today because a good massage session will improve your overall health.

Wondering how? Continue reading this guide.

Massage Impacts Every System in Your Body

Isn’t it incredible? The effects of a massage session can spread far and wide from your fingertips to your heart. It improves blood flow, breathing and brain functioning. Your body reacts positively to massage.

The Integumentary System

Skin is the largest organ of our body, covering the exterior. It’s filled with sensors, nerve endings, connective tissues, glands, capillaries and fat. When you get the message, the skin sensors register the touch and send a message to the brain to improve relaxation.

Our skin has different types of nerve cells sensitive to different intensities of touch. Massage stimulates these nerve cells, thus, releasing endorphins to make you feel relaxed and happy.

Besides releasing happy hormones, massage also improves skin nourishment and elasticity by accelerating the exchange between different skin cells.

The Circulatory System

Massage also increases the blood flow across the body. It increases the substance exchange between cells to bring nutrients and remove waste.

Direction is key during the massage. A professional therapist will massage in the direction of the heart to boost the natural flow of blood throughout your body. It directly affects the nervous system by dilating the blood vessels and decreasing blood pressure.

The Lymphatic System

Our lymphatic system consists of lymph – a fluid that transports WBCs across the body besides other uses. WBCs are immune system cells that protect our body against foreign invaders and diseases.

Massage therapists aid the lymphatic system by gently assisting the transportation of fluid across the body. This way, it flushes out toxins from the body and improves the immune system.

The Digestive System

Massage therapy improves your digestive health by detoxing the system. It cleanses the body of toxins from the large intestine so that blood can flow freely around the veins. It supports your excretory system by boosting your gut health.

Besides these benefits, massage therapy also facilitates your neurological, skeletal and respiratory systems.

 A man getting a facial massage during massage therapy session

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