Healing with Massage–Does Massage Promote Healing?

Healing with Massage–Does Massage Promote Healing?

A massage can relax your mind and body. But can it contribute to healing? Can you treat pain and injury with massage therapy?

Studies show that a massage can be used for pain management. Repeated forced movement on injured leg muscles of a muse showed faster recovery compared to untreated muscles. But can the same be said for people? Read on to find out.

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Healing With Massage: How Does It Work?

One of the common benefits of massage therapy is improved healing. Many medical experts recommend massage as part of treatment after surgery or injury.

People who undergo surgery or face trauma following an accident can experience negative effects—for instance, stress, swelling, muscle tightness, and pain. Massage contributes to healing by speeding up recovery time and reducing the negative impact of an injury.

It allows the patient to return to everyday activities and improves their range of motion.

A person getting a deep tissue massage

What Types of Massages Contribute to Healing?

Though massages, in general, offer plenty of benefits, it’s important to know how different types of massages contribute to our healing. We have highlighted some of the well-known types of massages and how they promote mind and body healing.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is by far the most known type of massage. It’s offered in massage spas, private offices, and clinics. Swedish massage is a full-body massage technique that involves kneading strokes on muscles to deliver relaxation and treat soreness.

Swedish massage can promote healing by encouraging the person to be mentally and physically calm and relaxed. With a Swedish massage, your lymphatic drainage is increased, whereas it reduces tension.

Swedish massage improves muscle condition, which eventually increases healing. For instance, a person can go through mental and physical stress after a trauma or injury. Stress slows healing, but Swedish massage releases happy hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine to promote relaxation.

The release of these hormones can increase the sense of well-being, which may be equivalent to healing.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is one of the most popular massage techniques among athletes and physically active people. This intense style technique targets soft tissues. The therapists use pressure across the body depending on the tolerance level and personal preference of the person.

Sports massage promotes healing and encourages blood flow across the limbs. It promotes the nutrients and oxygen needed to repair damaged tissues.

Another way sports massage promotes healing is by breaking down tissue scarring that is built due to injury or trauma. Breaking down tissue scarring restores the natural movements of muscles, allows healing to continue, and increases relaxation.

Sports massage prepares athletes for their competition and improves sports performance. If you’re physically active or play sports, you may need regular sports massage to heal injuries.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is used to promote increased healing. The purpose is to improve muscle condition by manipulating deep tissues. Massage therapists aim to repair muscle fibers and damaged tissues to decrease pain, increase healing and reduce restriction.

This massage method encourages muscle relaxation with its therapeutic effect. Our muscles tense and tighten following trauma, which causes pain and reduces the time it takes to heal the injury.

A person relaxing during a massage

What Types of Techniques Increase Healing?

Each massage method uses different techniques to promote healing. Some of the common healing techniques include:

Deep Strokes

Deep strokes are used in every massage modality – be it sports massage or Swedish massage. Deep strokes include flattened fingers and hand movement to apply firm pressure on the target area.

Massage therapists use deep strokes to target deeper layers to relieve tension, muscle tightness, and stress. This hand movement breaks down muscular knots, adhesions, and tissue scarring to promote healing.

The deep stroke technique uses friction between fingers and skin to encourage blood flow. The more the blood blow, the higher the muscle temperature and oxygen in the body. These nutrients repair damaged tissues and fibers.

Increasing temperature in muscle fibers softens the knots and improves muscle elasticity to decrease pain and increase mobility.

Trigger Point

The trigger point technique can promote healing by applying firm pressure on the knots using thumbs or fingertips. Muscular knots are trigger points that can cause stress, pain, and constriction if left untreated.

Massage therapists find these knots in the center of the muscle fibers and apply pressure to first limit the blood flow and then release it across the body. This technique eases the pain by creating a numbing feeling.

The therapists use deeper pressure as you feel the numbing sensation that breaks down the muscle knot. After they release the pressure, you feel a sense of relaxation. It’s a sign that the damaged tissues are being repaired.

Lymphatic Drainage

This massage technique targets toxins and waste products in the body to stimulate our lymphatic system. The human lymphatic system contains tiny lymph vessels that carry toxins and waste products through the vessels to different nodes and glands across the body.

Some of the common glands are behind the knee, armpit, and groin. Any trauma or injury builds up toxins and waste products that result in muscle fatigue, weakness, and swelling. These waste products also prevent healing, but the lymphatic drainage technique promotes healing.

Massage therapists use careful technique to reduce swelling and promote healing while breaking down waste products in the lymph vessels.

When Does A Massage Help with Healing?

If you are suffering from acute pain or have undergone surgery, you can schedule regular massages to expedite healing. Similarly, you can get massages to improve relaxation. It repairs injuries and loosens muscle tightness.

A masseuse focusing on the lower back area

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