How Can You Tell If A Massage Is Working?

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It’s hard to tell what makes a good massage. Does soreness count as effectiveness? Or does feeling light qualify as a sign of a good massage?

It depends on what you’re looking for. A good massage should relieve pain and address any stiffness. That being said, these aren’t the only qualifying factors of a good massage.

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Soreness after a massage session is normal. In fact, it’s one of the elements of a good massage. According to some people, soreness suggests that the masseuse didn’t do their job right, but it’s quite the opposite.

We have explained the elements of a good massage in this post so that the next time you book a massage service, you’d know whether it is worth your time and money.

Soreness: Side-Effect of A Massage

Many experts agree that soreness isn’t a determining factor for a good massage. Instead, soreness signifies that your muscles are weak and need more time to recover from their regular tension.

For instance, physically active people don’t feel much soreness after a massage because their body is used to physical exertion.

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Elements of A Good Massage

A good massage depends on different factors but what matters is how it makes a client feel. Does their range of motion improve? Or do they feel a sense of relief from muscle pain? On that note, some of the elements of a good massage are:

It Starts Well Before You Lie Down

Some of the elements of a good massage go beyond the massage room. Was it easy to book an appointment? Was the staff helpful and professional? Did they answer your questions, and how facilitating were they?

Depending on your condition, you may be looking for a particular massage session. Did the staff or massage therapist explain the options to you on call? The answers to these questions are factors of a good massage experience.

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Applying the Right Pressure

A good massage focuses on pressure or intuitive touch. It prepares the tissues, but that doesn’t mean every massage session has to be a deep tissue massage.

The right pressure technique is crucial. Each person has a different tolerance level. Some people have a higher pain threshold, whereas others prefer lighter strokes. A reliable massage therapist has to be flexible enough to change their technique and pressure depending on each client’s preferences.

Your muscles may feel tight or stiff, but a good therapist knows that adding more pressure can lead to bruising. Applying the right level of pressure takes skill and years of experience.

Well-Articulated Communication

Consultation and communication are two important factors during a massage. Never trust a masseuse who doesn’t inquire about previous injuries and discuss your medical history.

A good therapist will ask about your health, concerns, and your goals. This helps them set targets for the session to meet your expectations.

A good massage session involves active communication. For instance, your therapist will ask you about the pressure level and whether they should adjust it. The more you communicate, the better the results will be.

Untangled Knots

A good massage treats your muscle knots. It may feel like a workout, but a good therapist constantly checks with you to ensure the pressure is within your tolerance level.

Some experienced masseuses develop something of a sixth sense that allows them to apply the right pressure level at the right time by scanning the body with their fingertips. This ability develops over time with great practice.

A good therapist will detect the changes in your body, diet, and lifestyle. They’ll talk about it with you, and you’ll feel heard and seen. A good massage focuses on your priorities and areas you want the therapist to target.

Room Atmosphere

Room atmosphere plays a critical role in setting the tone for the massage. It can influence your mood and, eventually, the session’s effectiveness.

Spa music can create a relaxing environment, but people’s idea of relaxing music differs. A good therapist will never assume that you find the sound of thunderstorms relaxing. So one of the elements of a good massage session is whether the therapist asks about your music preference.

Post-Massage Care

Just like a good massage starts when you set foot in the room, it lasts way after the session ends. A good massage isn’t a one-off item. It lets you make adjustments to your daily life.

For instance, if your office chair is a constant source of stress to your back and neck, a good massage will remind you to make changes to your workspace and chair. The benefits of a good massage last longer, and you can carry them into your everyday life.

Your therapist may also recommend some tools and products to prevent inflammation. However, be mindful of a sales pitch for expensive products and supplements as it can be suspicious and a way for the therapist to earn more money.

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Injury Prevention

Another way to tell if you have received a good massage is through injury prevention. One of the key purposes of massage therapy is to prevent repetitive strain and injuries. The stretching can break down build-up tension and joint inflammation.

A good massage will slow down the tension and strain on your joints if you struggle with repetitive injuries due to your lifestyle.

Instant Relaxation

A good massage should offer relief to stiff areas. It loosens the tight muscles and stiff areas so you can experience an improved range of motion and flexibility. Feeling sore the next day is normal, but if the soreness persists, it means your therapist didn’t do their job well.

How to Make the Most of Your Massage Session?

If you want to prolong the benefits of your massage session, avoid engaging in an intensive workout for at least a few hours after it. A good massage is a workout in itself. Instead, you should wind down with a good book or your comfort TV show.

This post-massage ritual can keep you in a state of calm for a longer time. You can try breathing exercises for ultimate relaxation. Don’t eat heavy food, and keep light snacks that you can eat after the session. Also, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

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