Ways to Boost Your Energy As An Introvert

An introvert feeling his energy drained

Many people mistake introverts for anti-social people, but that’s far from the truth. It’s not that introverts aren’t social, but their social energy drains faster than an extrovert’s.

Living in an extroverted world as an introvert is challenging. You have to balance your energy levels in a demanding external environment.

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The over-stimulation, small talk, and being in a large group can all be draining. That said, you have to meet your basic need for self-expression and connection.

So how do you balance your needs and align them with your personality? How do you discover that sweet spot which helps you connect with people without overwhelming yourself?

We all have tried to squeeze ourselves into social boxes where we don’t fit. If you’ve also tried to transform yourself into someone you are not, congratulations, you’re not alone!

Instead, try these energy boosters for introverts to replenish energy.

5 Daily Rituals You Should Follow Religiously

If you want to boost your energy, don’t forget to include these rituals in your daily life:

1. Set Boundaries

It’s often difficult to set boundaries for many. It can be hard to be upfront and communicate with people. You should learn to carve out some quality me-time for yourself because that’s one of the ways introverts replenish their energy.

Prepare yourself for a hectic day by setting aside at least 15 minutes for yourself in the morning. This time will allow you to enjoy some peace and help you recharge. This is particularly true for people who live with others.

Learn to communicate your needs with others and set boundaries in the morning. When you give yourself some alone time, you’ll feel more energized, grounded, and ready to face the day more calmly.

2. Process with Active Journaling

Journaling is an excellent tool to process the day that has passed by and set goals and intentions for the upcoming day.

Every evening, sit down for 15 minutes to register your thoughts and set a to-do list for the next day. It’s important to take time to register your unfinished business for the day gone by to free up your emotional energy. At the same time, you get to plan for the next day so you can align your actions with what’s important for the day.

A person journaling their thoughts

3. Let The Creative Juices Flow

You should take out time to let your creative juices flow. Taking out time for your creative pursuits lets you express your internal world and make sense of it. So you create an internal world that energizes you instead of draining you.

Find out your creative pursuit. It can be painting, writing, crafting, drawing, cooking, pottery, or something else. It should be a safe medium of self-expression.

Try other forms of creativity for an enriching experience, and notice how it makes you feel. Does this change of creative pursuit energize you? Do you feel your authentic, true self?

Everyone has certain gifts and skills that make them unique. Finding rituals and creative outlets that work for you will help you share your gifts with others without feeling drained or burned out.

4. Connect with Your Physical Self

Introverts are often caught up in their own internal worlds, but it’s necessary to introduce movement to your life so you can connect with your physical self.

Self-connection, with the help of movement, keeps you grounded and can help keep your mind clear. This doesn’t mean working up your body beyond tolerance. Movement can be light and simple such as breathing exercises and stretching. It can also be some self-care ritual, such as taking a hiatus from social media and enjoying a phone-free walk.

Remember that your body links the real world and your mind. Physical self-connection will reenergize you and reconnect you with your body. The change will be noticeable!

5. Make Conscious Connection

This may seem counterintuitive since we’re talking about rituals for introverts but making a conscious connection is key to keeping your energy intact.

As an introvert, you can very easily move toward isolation by neglecting connections in your daily life. While alone time helps you replenish your energy, it can also make you feel isolated, and eventually, you’ll find your energy levels dropping.

Why? Because you’re not meeting your basic need for meaningful connections. Seek connections consciously and have one-on-one interactions with someone you trust. It’ll realign your energy.

How to Boost Your Energy When You Feel Drained?

Besides the rituals mentioned above to replenish your energy, you should also try these tactics to boost your energy when you feel low:

Go For A Natural Boost of Energy

Instead of relying on caffeine for an energy boost, try natural energy boosters such as music, dance, or going for a run. Unlike caffeine which gives you a quick energy high and even quicker energy fall, these methods are invigorating and don’t cause a crash.

So if you have a meeting at work, you can put on some calming or uplifting music and dance to refresh yourself. Introverts may seem calm on the outside, but they have multi-fold thoughts ricocheting in their mind.

Thus, trying natural energy boosters will make a buzzing work environment more tolerable for you.

Plan An Asian Massage Session

Believe it or not but introverts are the most grateful and eager recipients of massage. If you have never scheduled a massage service for yourself, do it today.

Asian massage is touch-based therapy based on ancient Chinese, Japanese and other Asian techniques. The therapy pinpoints qi or pressure points to relieve energy knots and blood across the body.

Massage therapists are trained to use gentle and slower strokes compared to other types of massage. You’ll feel reinvigorated because massage releases mood-boosting hormones responsible for making you happy and energized.

You can schedule an in-room Asian massage instead of going to and fro a massage spa. We understand it can be draining to schedule a massage session with a spa.

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 A person getting an Asian massage

Know Yourself

Self-awareness is the key to boosting your energy. You need to differentiate between the type of situations and environments that boost or zap your energy. This self-reflection is key to developing self-awareness.

Think about the times when you feel drained. What type of environment was that? What type of situation were you in? Was it too crowded?

Once you connect the dots and identify what boosts or drains you, you can learn to manage energy levels so you can minimize the introvert drain.

Socialize in Small but Meaningful Groups

Silence does help introverts, but you should socialize. If you have a friend or two with whom you don’t feel your energy draining, connect with them. You can have meaningful discussions with them.

We have friends that we can talk to for hours without feeling drained. Sometimes, that’s all you need when you feel alone and isolated.

Avoid being with too many people as it can overwhelm you causing an energy fall.

Clean Your House

Cleaning is therapeutic. Sometimes when you feel too overwhelmed, it’s because the environment is messy. There’s something empowering about cleaning your house because it’s the most cherished space for any introvert.

Turn your favorite music on and get going. Clean your personal space from bottom to top. You’ll feel recharged by the end of the cleaning ritual. A spotless personal space will give you an instant energy boost.

Go Shopping Alone

An introvert? Out on a shopping spree? Alone? That sounds counterintuitive for many as it can be something that falls outside of their comfort zone but sometimes you do need a break. However, you can shop alone and get in the zone.

For instance, doing your grocery alone can help you feel accomplished because you’ll check things off your do-to list, and the trip will also replenish your energy.

Go for A Long Drive

Nothing is more re-energizing than a long drive. Introverts are good at distancing themselves. One way to do that is by taking a long drive alone.

Long drives give you the freedom to be in your element instead of feeling cramped. The long, empty roads also let you free your mind and get rid of mental fog.

 A woman inside a car

How to Help Your Introvert Friends?

If you’re dealing with an introverted partner, family member, or friend, you can try these tips to take better care of them:

  1. Always respect their need for alone time. Your introverted friend will thank you for respecting their privacy.
  2. If they’re in a new situation, such as a crowded place, allow them to observe. Don’t force them to mingle or go out of their comfort zone. Let them take time to get comfortable.
  3. Listen to them actively when they’re talking. It’ll give them the confidence to express their thoughts. Don’t interrupt them!
  4. Instead of demanding quick answers, let them think. If you’re planning something and want their opinion, it’s better to give them space to consider the options.
  5. Respect their downtime and introversion rather than trying to transform them into an extrovert.
  6. Don’t force them into meeting new people, making new friends, or being in places where they can be uncomfortable.
  7. Notify them in advance if there’s a sudden change in plans.
An introverted girl sitting inside a cardboard box

Things You Should Avoid As An Introvert

Some of the things you should avoid doing are:

  1. Drink coffee or tea before a work meeting. Though coffee offers many benefits, it can also cause a quicker energy drain.
  2. Make commitments you can’t meet. Different situations demand different levels of energy. Consider your current commitments and plan your day accordingly.
  3. Go out with friends or family when you don’t feel like it. It’ll only further depleat your residual energy.
  4. Don’t work in open-plan spaces. Many introverts feel overwhelmed working in open cafes and offices because of the buzz of activity and people. If you work in such an environment, choose to sit near a window or the door.

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