Why a Massage Therapist is Way Better than a Massage Chair

Addressing Health Conditions Through Massage

Comparing a massage therapist with a massage chair is like comparing a human interpreter with Google Translate. In other words, it’s an inane comparison, at least as things stand today.

Here’s why an Asian body massage by a therapist is superior to a chair massage.

Massage Therapist vs. Massage Chair: Introductions

A massage therapist is trained in specific techniques across a single or several massage types to enhance wellbeing and promote recovery. Their popularity took a hit in 2020 when over 86% of therapists were out of work due to not being an essential service. However, around 90% of them were back to work by the following year.

A massage chair is a rented or purchased machine with several massagers for different parts of your body. While every chair offers different features based on its brand and price label, it may not know as many techniques as a therapist. Nonetheless, this instrument represents a billion-dollar industry, and its growth has been nothing short of exceptional.

A Person Getting Their Toes Massaged by a Therapist During a Full Body Massage

Massage Therapist vs. Massage Chair: Privacy

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that they prefer a massage chair over a spa service because they value privacy. However, this argument is moot when considering that an Asian outcall massage by a human therapist ensures as much privacy as a massage chair.

Unless you’re uncomfortable with the human touch, there’s no reason not to let an expert take over instead of figuring out the controls of a chair, let alone knowing what makes your body tick. This brings us to the next advantage a therapist has over a chair.

Massage Therapist vs. Massage Chair: Training

A massage therapist is a trained professional who knows how to figure out the best ways to treat your physical or mental health issues. They know exactly which area to massage for the best results and how much pressure to apply without causing more harm than good. In other words, a massage therapist is not you.

Unless you have the training, experience, and knowledge of a therapist, you can’t know how much pressure to apply to a specific area without causing injury. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t come with a user’s manual, and it’s much trickier to figure out what’s wrong with it. In that case, a therapist is a better call than a chair.

Massage Therapist vs. Massage Chair: Coverage

A massage therapist offers more coverage than a massage chair, hands down. Regardless of how superior the ergonomic features of a massage chair are, there are certain areas they can never reach, no matter what. A therapist has the access and experience to treat these areas.

Moreover, a massage chair has only been proven effective for certain conditions, such as lower back pain. As things stand, it has a far limited scope than a human therapist.

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