Get Back Pain Relief with Massage Therapy

Get Back Pain Relief with Massage Therapy

Have you been experiencing excessive back pain lately? Back pain can take away a lot from an individual and keep one from living a quality life. Thankfully, there are several ways to get back pain relief, one of which is massage therapy.

More and more experts in the medical profession have also been promoting massage therapy for back pain relief — especially if the back discomfort arises from muscle tension. Here’s more on how Asian massage can help you achieve immediate back pain relief.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Back pain

Here is how massage therapy can benefit individuals suffering from back pain:

Eliminate Muscle Toxins

Did you know that physical stimulation from a massage aids in the breakdown and removal of toxins in your muscles? During the massage, the toxins within your muscles are released into the bloodstream and eventually transported out of your system via excretion.

Moreover, apart from the psychological and physical advantages of massage, toxin elimination can further boost an individual’s health and promote long-term well-being by assisting in reducing or preventing future toxicity within the body. Massage also supplements and facilitates your body’s natural detoxification processes.

Reduced Muscle Tension

Massage is the best way to decrease muscle tension in any area of the body. This is because when you get a professional massage, the masseuse focuses on massaging specific regions of your back that may be tense. Massage helps increase the temperature of your back’s soft tissue and helps release tension in your muscles. 

When your muscles are tense, your muscle fibers can shorten, leading to restricted movement. Massage can help stretch and enhance tissue elasticity and loosen the tissues in the back that may be causing back discomfort.

Trigger Bodies Relaxation Response

Massage can also help your body from going into a relaxed nirvana which can help distract your mind from back pain and transport you into a Zen and relaxed mindset. When one gets a massage, the body responds by releasing happy hormones like endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine.

Back pain can cause an individual to feel anxious and stressed. Massage can also help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which directs the brain to return to a calm state. 

Reduced Soreness

If you like to work out or participate in sports activities, it can be possible to get a sore back now and then. As a massage therapist rubs your back muscles and applies pressure to pressure points, the massage increases circulation in your body and helps congested regions to break up and relax. This improves circulation flow in your back and provides your cells with the nutrition and oxygen they require to heal and recuperate.

Asian Massage for Back Pain

Dealing with chronic back pain can be exhausting for many since some days can be easy while others can be more challenging. Although most patients rely on traditional treatments like physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, and being physically active, Asian massage therapy for the back can help provide additional comfort and relaxation.

This is why Asian massage has grown in popularity among individuals with back pain, and an increasing number of people have been turning to it to alleviate their symptoms.

A skilled masseuse’s soothing touch, incorporated with Asian massage techniques, can encourage significant healing and pain alleviation to a sore back since they know which areas to target to help individuals get relief. Healthcare specialists recognize Asian massage therapy as a natural and safe remedy for healing back pain.

Here is how Asian massages can help alleviate back pain:

An Unknown Person Getting an Asian Massage

Promote Soft Tissue Healing

If you like to stay active and participate in a lot of sports or workout activities, it can be possible that your back pain is triggered due to injured soft tissue. Asian massage therapy reduces the inflammation associated with soft tissue injuries.

It can help relieve pain for individuals with soft tissue injuries but also help speed up the healing process by increasing blood flow to the injured regions.

Asian massage also works closely with the deep tissue massage technique, which involves masseuses relaxing and extending the back tissue layers to increase flexibility and general function and boost blood flow.

This massage technique helps masseuses target your back tissues effectively. Asian massage focusing on back pain relief promotes structural variation in the back region by relieving muscle and fascial constraints. 

By improperly distributing the pressures on the spine, unsupported postures cause significant damage to your lower back. Back pain ultimately develops due to the complex structure of joints, discs, and muscles in the back being stressed beyond their tolerance level.

Asian massages like the Thai massage are also ideal for posture-related pain since this massage utilizes techniques like compression and stretching in the regions of your back linked with bad posture.

Release Knots

When you get a professional Asian massage, the experts are experienced and knowledgeable enough to identify any potential knots in your back. These knots are caused by tensed muscle tissue. The masseuses locate these knots and gently knead and massage them to encourage them to loosen up. This can significantly reduce your back discomfort.

When Is Massage Therapy Advisable For Back Pain?

Massage therapy can be the ideal option for managing and relieving back discomfort in specific scenarios, including:

  • As a way to divert one’s mind from chronic pain and help release the stress associated with this condition
  • As a supplement for pain management 
  • An alternative to pain relief medications, especially if you have a history of addiction to pain relief medicine or have a minor or moderate case of back pain
  • As a way to promote physical and psychological well-being during ongoing recovery from a minor to moderate muscle strain or injury
  • As an additional measure used for back pain relief in conjunction with other types of treatment

Important note! If you have chronic back pain or several other health conditions, it is advisable to consult with your medical health professional before booking a massage for back pain relief.

Get Instant Back Pain Relief with Asian Massage Therapy

As discussed above, Asian massage therapy can be the ultimate back pain relief method for individuals with minor to moderate back pain.

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