What Your Massage Therapist Knows About Your Body

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Your massage therapist can uncover many secrets about your body during your one-hour session. They are experts in their field with years of first-hand experience. Thus, they can easily assess your body language and attitude, changing their technique accordingly.

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Most people might feel intimated during a massage session or vulnerable. However, a massage session is beneficial in many ways, so you need to relax your mind and body. If you are stressed that your therapist is thinking about you or feeling uncomfortable, you will fail to reap the benefits of massage therapy.

In most cases, a massage therapist can tell if you feel stressed, tired, or depressed during massage services. In addition to your emotional health and mood, they can uncover many secrets about your physical health, such as diseases or common ailments. Therefore, if you wish to learn more about what your massage therapist knows about your body, you are in the right place.

This blog will highlight and discuss some of the most common secrets your massage therapist knows about your body. Keep reading to learn more.

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7 Secrets Your Massage Therapist Knows About Your Body

Secret # 1: If You Are Constipated

As mentioned above, a massage therapist can also assess if you have any health issues or gut problems, and constipation is one of the most common. They can tell if you are constipated when they touch your stomach during the massage. If it feels firm, it means you are constipated.

The best part is that they can get things moving for you and help you get relief. They use special techniques that encourage movement in your gut, resolving your constipation issues.

Secret # 2: If You Have Allergies

There are several pressure points on your face, like over your eyes, cheeks, forehead, and jaw. When these allergies flare, your therapist can usually tell. They might ask you if you are experiencing any other symptoms and guide you accordingly.

Secret # 3: If You Have Skin Cancer

That sounds alarming, but your massage therapist might be one of the first to see and examine the symptoms of skin cancer. They can spot unusual things in places where you can’t. For instance, irregular spots behind your knees, back, or hip. They might save your life by urging you to check these symptoms.

Secret # 4: If You Need a New Pillow

Your therapist can even tell if you need to change the pillow you are currently using. Whether it is wrong for your head shape or to hold, they will tell you if you need to switch to a new one. You need to find the perfect pillow for restful sleep and to prevent other health issues.

What’s more, your therapist might even suggest some good sleeping positions if you have back pain or other issues during your sleep.

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Secret # 5: If You Are Stressed

Stress is one of the most common reasons people want to get massage therapy. The therapist will know if you are stressed because they can see if you are too uptight or can’t focus and relax. Plus, the way your body responds to the massage will be different when you are stressed.

You might sigh or sweat a lot, which are common signs that you have let loose after a long time.

Secret # 6: If You Work on a Computer

Yes, your massage therapist knows what you do for a living, especially if it involves sitting in front of a computer all day. Your shoulder will have a forward roll due to long hours of sitting face-front and staring at the screen. Plus, your back will be strained, which is highly common.

They might suggest some useful stretches that you can do at your desk to help you ease the pain.

Secret # 7: If You Are Dehydrated

Finally, another secret your massage therapist can uncover about your body during a massage session is if you drink enough water. Dehydration happens when you aren’t consuming the recommended daily intake of water. It can lead to a lot of health issues as well.

Generally, if you are dehydrated, your massage therapist will notice that the trigger points in the upper back are tenderer. Therefore, they will recommend you increase your daily water intake, as drinking water and staying hydrated can work wonders for your mind and body.

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